Use Color In Your Home To Keep Up Your Mood

Dated: 08/22/2016

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August, hot and muggy, uggh. There are California Dreamers, but here in the muggy south, a majority of us are September and October Dreamers, anxiously awaiting the cooler days of fall; cool breezes kicking the falling leaves, and nights when you can leave the windows open. What's not to LOVE! This all sounds wonderful, but perhaps you are in the few that will miss the heat of summer, and the bright colors associated with warm weather. Today, just for you, we take a quick look at how to add colors in your home to keep up your mood.

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Scientific study shows that color can lift our mood, just by sight. It can let us have fun, and express ourselves, allowing us to live within our castle with colors that keep us happy. There are 10 tips that will help you to try on some new colors without fear:
1. Keep it cool. When using color in a large space, tone it down to achieve a calming effect; especially in bedrooms and dens.
2. Create a focal point. Mix colors and maybe several different patterns to draw attention to the area, and create a great focal point.
3. Choose a color you can live with. Trendy is fun, but not necessarily good. Try to stay away from fad colors, or if you do use them, do so in moderation. 
4. Start small. Don't try to go big with a color you're uncertain of. Areas like entryways, reading nooks, and breakfast nooks would be great places to try on a new color. 
5. Don’t think you have to be matchy-matchy. Here, we say "live a little". Lay out color swatches and patterned wallpapers in different configurations to see how you can make your space appealing before you actually apply. 
6. Designate a main color for a child’s bedroom. Kids often want to paint their entire room in a favorite vivid shade. Splash it not only on the walls, floor and accessories if it's just too scary. 
7. Limit competition. When going with a bold shade, keeping the other colors to a minimum.
8. Let opposites attract. Consider using colors that come from opposite ends of the color wheel.
9. Use color to brighten up the space. Stark white rooms may look beautiful and calming, but even in a minimalist white space, a dose of color, won't distract from the feel you want for the room. 
10. Follow function without being beholden to it. Determine the function of the room before selecting the colors. Make the colors space-appropriate. 

At the Shields Team, we have a super staging professional at the ready who can help you with some of the decision making if you feel you could use some input before applying the paint brush. Give us a call and we can get you connected! Our office phone is (423) 433-6517, or just stop by for a chat inside our office at Keller Williams Realty in Johnson City! Get your color on!

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