Tough Pills To Swallow

Dated: 08/04/2016

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You're ready to sell. You start planning and cleaning and getting everything tour-ready. You feel you've done a fantastic job and your home sparkles like brand new money. ANYbody would jump at the chance of ownership. Today, we look at a few things that might not be so easily 'swallowed' when the sale doesn't go as planned when it comes to the reality of your home, a buyer's perception, market dictation and the plain truth. 

  • You may not get dollar for dollar return from your upgrades. Buyers will only pay what the local Real Estate market will bear and not what you spent. Choose wisely. Even a minor kitchen remodel will in most cases  return approximately 80% of your renovation costs. Check with a qualified realtor, building contractor or home staging professional to get some ideas on where you can best spend your money. 

  • Your home may not sell for what the neighbor got for their house. Realtors hear this common statement very frequently when a seller gets a less than agreeable offer on their home. Try to keep the emotion out of pricing your home, as comparables may have upgrades or more square footage. Closely examine the information your real estate professional offers in the pricing estimate for your home, and ask questions. 

  • You need to be prepared, at ALL reasonable times, for showing your home. Express to your agent right away if there are going to be times when it's not best for you if your home is shown. The agent can't sell your home if they can never show it. Keep the house in showing shape at all times, dishes put away, counter tops cleared, vacuumed, dusted, etc. Look at your home with an eye of what YOU would be looking at if you were touring a home. Sure, it's inconvenient sometimes, but do be ready. Would you really want to miss an offer on your home if you weren't prepared?

  • Not everyone is going to love your home like you do in it's current condition. Try to stay neutral in what kinds of personal items you display, and consider covering any trendy paints or finishings. Buyers want a clean slate when they look at a home; one where they can imagine their furniture, and their choice of paint, etc. 

  • As awkward as it can be, you will risk not selling your home if you don't ask for a Pre-Approval (or proof of funds) from the buyer who writes an offer.  Without it, you could go through all the steps of selling a home only to find out a week before closing that the Buyer’s Lender cannot approve them for a loan.

  • There may be a gap in between the time you sell your home, and are able to buy a new home. This can be tricky, enlist the help of your agent to assist you in estimating time frames. Be prepared for your belongings to go to storage, or sit on a moving truck if all doesn't coordinate. 

  • Your home may not sell, and your listing may expire. This is particularly tough. Your agent may have to have uncomfortable conversations with you about the reasons your home isn't selling, or may not be having much traffic of buyers. Listen to what they have to say and honestly examine all the factors before dismissing what could be some great advice. Be open to talking about a new pricing strategy if it's needed. 

There are many other aspects of selling a home that can be tough to handle and work through. This is a prime reason why you need a qualified, experienced agent like The Shields Team of Keller Williams Realty! As the saying goes, "this isn't our first rodeo". We've held more hands than doors, and we can help you get through the sometimes pain-staking process of selling your home. Call us to come in for a no obligation consultation about the best way to get your home SOLD. Our office number is(423) 433-6517. Or, if you'd like to drop by our office to chat, we're located inside Keller Williams Realty at 1033 Hamilton Place in Johnson City. We have plenty of water to help with those "tough pills"!

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